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5 Great Steps To Get An Ideal Freight Forwarder For Your Company

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5 Great Steps To Get An Ideal Freight Forwarder For Your Company

Sometimes you might have been caught in the dilemma of whom and how to choose a freight forwarder because it is something which is not very well known to everybody but is an essential part when it comes to importing and exporting on an international level.

So, here we are going to give you a fair idea about who a freight forwarder is, how does a freight forwarder work and tips to choose the best freight forwarder.

In general, a freight forwarder does not seem to carry the goods but is capable of handling the goods and making it reach the customer or final destination. An ideal freight forwarder acts as a bridge between the exporter or importer and the final point of contact. When we talk about moving the goods, we give utmost importance to the way it is being delivered and the care with which our goods will be delivered and in this league

SAR Transport is the first name which acts as a pop up in the mind of anybody. SAR Transport not only emphasizes on the care for your goods but also on building a lifetime relationship with its customers as it understands the feelings of the customers, attached with the cargo.

The 5 steps which are involved in getting an Ideal Freight Forwarder for your company can be seen below:

1) Experienced Freight Forwarder:

Experience is the primary thing which builds trust between the freight forwarder and the customer as starting a freight forwarding company is quite easy but working in the shipping business and that too on an international level is not everyone’s cup of tea. For that a person must have depth knowledge of everything involved in this field and the knowledge can be gained only by working in this industry for a long time.

Years of experience gets counted while choosing a freight forwarder because every customer wants a smooth process so that he/she won’t need to take any kind of stress once the cargo goes in the process of shipping. Experience also helps in cultivating good terms with the companies which are a part of our shipping process.

2) Networking of the Freight Forwarder:

The second important step in choosing the freight forwarder for your company is knowing whether they have good network channels all around the world or not. It is very important to understand the connections in the countries from where or to where the cargo will be delivered. The import and export become very easy if the freight forwarder has a huge network and can ship our cargo from every nook and corner of the world. Hence SAR Transport is a key name which can ship your goods from almost anywhere.

3) Services offered:

The services which are offered from a freight forwarder plays a vital role in choosing the best handler of our cargo. The freight forwarder should be able to ship the goods not only by air or ocean but also by rail and road. This simply comes to the conclusion that the freight forwarder should be able to give door to door shipping. It is only a part of the service. There are many services which are involved while choosing the correct and the best freight forwarder. The freight forwarder must have the whole knowledge of the rules of the excise duty and the customs duty, the bodies which regulate these laws and the changes which are seen every year in these laws.

4) Refer to the references:

While going for the best freight forwarder, make sure that you consult with people in order to find the references get the green signal for that particular freight forwarder. You can find some of our references from our social media network and we hope that it will not disappoint you.

5) Customer Relationship Management(CRM):

Customer relation is one part which gives a freight forwarder mouth publicity. The more the company is able to take care of the personalized needs of the customers the more it will be able to attract the potential customers. Hence handling the customers professionally as well as maintaining a long term relationship with them is the need of the hour in which SAR Transport is doing a great job.

These are only the basic requirements which a customer looks for while choosing the best freight forwarder. For more information, you can call us on +91 22 4096 4200. 

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